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Gardner Food Truck Festival - Hawker's & Peddlers

  1. Gardner Food Truck Festival - Hawker's & Peddlers
  2. If you have any questions:
    Contact Maribel Cruz at 978-630-4011
  3. Information for Police Department:
  4. Where correspondence should be sent
  5. If you are a Sole Proprietor:
    Only fill out this section if applicable
  6. If a partnership, trust, or corporation:
    Only fill out this section if applicable
  7. Do you currently have a Massachusetts Hawker Peddler License?*
  8. Massachusetts Hawker Peddler License
  9. I hereby state that all information provided on this application is true and accurate, and I understand that any information that is found to be false or misleading will result in the forfeiture of this permit and that I will be required to wait one year before submitting a new application, and that I may be subject to criminal prosecution pursuant to MGL c101. I also understand that any violation of the City's rules and regulations pertaining to Transient Vendors, Hawkers, or Peddlers could subject me to arrest, fine, and/or loss of permit. I also affirm that by typing my name in the above field, I am electronically affixing my signature under the penalties of perjury should any information provided be incorrect.
  10. Important Note*
    A social security number or federal identification number is required for the completion of this application. Maribel Cruz from the Economic Development Office will contact you via phone to get this information. Please do not send this information via email.
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