Spotted Salamander

The Conservation Office is responsible for the administration, implementation, monitoring, and enforcement of the Wetlands Protection Act under the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission through it's Agent.  

The Conservation Commission and their Agent are also responsible for promoting and advocating for sound environmental policies and sustainable practices, conservation and open space planning, land acquisition and protection, sustainable land stewardship, watershed and waterways protection guidance, identification and preservation of natural resources, features, and landscapes, and coordination on joint action with many town bodies.

For information on the Wetlands Protection Act or Ordinance and to inquire about filing for work within a protected Wetland Resource Area or its buffer zone or determine if Wetlands Protection may apply to your property or proposed project visit the Conservation Commission webpage under the "Boards & Commissions" section of the website or contact the Gardner Conservation Agent.

If you think there may be wetlands on your property or if a project you planned is within 100 feet of a wetland or body of water, please reach out for confirmation and assistance. 
Please note: Applicants presenting to the Conservation Commission will need 6 copies of handout material for board members to follow along during the presentation. 


City Open Space Lands

  • Gardner City Forest
  • Rome Conservation Area (North County Land Trust)
  • Cummings Conservation Area
  • Otter River Conservation Area
  • Alisauskas Conservation Area
  • Baily Brook Conservation Area & Open Space Park

State Land

  • Dunns Park

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