Water & Sewer Billing Questions

Please contact the Water & Sewer Billing Department with questions about your Water, Sewer, and Trash bills.

Utility bills must be paid in City Hall in the Tax Collector's office - Room 118.  The Water/Sewer Office CANNOT accept utility bill payments.

Utility bills can also be paid online here.

High Utility Bill?

Utility Bills can be appealed to the Director of Public Works. Please provide written appeal and facts as to what may have caused high water usage and enclose any pictures or invoices you may have. The Directors decision can be appealed to the Public Service Committee. If you choose to appeal Directors decision, please call 978-630-8195 for an appointment.

Best Practices

  • Check your sinks and pipes, basement, water heater, etc. for leaks
  • Check your outside spigots
  • Toilet check
    • Add a few drops of food coloring into the back holding tank of your toilet.  Do not flush.  check every 15 minutes for an hour.  If you find the food coloring is in the bowl, your toilet is leaking.