Bureau of Criminal Investivations

This division is made up of 5 detectives. The commander of the unit is a lieutenant, who manages and oversees daily operations. The detective bureau is responsible for all major investigations and those forwarded from patrol to be further investigated. Detectives also develop information on crimes independently through a variety of sources, including drug related crimes. Each year this unit averages over 250 criminal cases to be investigated. Some of these investigations can take weeks or even months to complete. Each case is closely examined for evidence to move the case forward into the court process.

Often witnesses, even victims are hard to re-locate after the crime was committed. Suspects are known to flee the area when detected, often resulting in multiple agency efforts in locating and apprehending. Detectives can spend hours examining crime scenes to identify the slightest clues that can bring closure to the case. Unlike some simple misdemeanor cases, detective case investigations result in felony charges and often result in long criminal court trials, often in a Superior Court in Fitchburg and Worcester that can last days, or even a week or more. Each detective receives additional intensive training in areas of crime investigation such as;
  1. Interviewing techniques
  2. Crime scene management/Evidence collection
  3. Advanced photography
  4. Homicide investigations
  5. Sexual Assault investigations
  6. Narcotics Investigations
  7. Eyewitness identification
  8. Suspect deception techniques (study of body language)
  9. District Court Liaison (tasked with filing case reports, complaints, etc. with the court systems)
  10. Oversee the release of weekly crime bulletins sent to all area law enforcement agencies
The department currently staffs detectives on a rotating schedule of days that allow for at least two detectives are on duty each of the 7 days of the week. The detective unit stays in close daily contact with the entire North Worcester  County law enforcement agencies who work closely with each other regarding the crimes being committed, and have solved many crimes as a result of this collaboration.  Detectives are trained and motivated to obtain as much criminal information as possible. They can use officers from this department, outside departments, informants, business owners, and residents to gain great amounts of information about crimes committed, and crimes that are being planned. The department has several ways to obtain information anonymously, such as our “Tip line” where information can be left without leaving your identify.

Generally, the patrol officers respond, taking initial reports, and forward to detectives for further investigations. Detectives often work closely with the officer who first arrived on scene of a crime, and will often stay involved in the case through its conclusion. Detectives in return, when available offer support in the field and back-up officers responding any number of calls that are in need of more support.