43D Priority Development Areas

Priority Development Sites

The City of Gardner has received state approval of 3 Priority Development Sites for an expedited permitting process established under Massachusetts General Law (MGL), Chapter 43D.

At its meeting on September 24, 2008, the Massachusetts Inter-Agency Permitting Board approved the designations for:
  • The Summit Industrial Park
  • S. Bent Mill site
  • Rear Main Street Downtown Corridor
As part of the approval, the state also awarded the city a $60,000 technical assistance grant, which will support the design of a parking deck and street improvements in the downtown Priority Development District.

Expedited Permitting

The introduction of expedited permitting will assist the City’s efforts to attract new businesses and help local business expand during these difficult economic conditions. MGL Chapter 43D allows local governments to designate Priority Development Sites, preferred development locations where projects are guaranteed that local development permits will be acted upon within 180 days of application.

Communities may designate industrial or commercial sites that can support new construction or redevelopment of at least 50,000 square feet. Priority Development Sites also get first priority in the state’s economic development marketing program, and priority consideration for state grant programs for economic development.

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