Water / Sewer Department

The City of Gardner operates the Water/Sewer Department under the Department of Public Works and owns all of the associated facilities for the treatment and distribution of public drinking water and owns all of the associated facilities for the treatment and distribution of public drinking water and the collection and treatment of wastewater. As of July 1, 2019 the Water/Sewer Department will operate and maintain the water distribution and sewer collection systems, but will continue to contract with Veolia to operate and maintain the water treatment facilities and wastewater treatment facility.

Minion Hydrant


To report water breaks, sewer backups, dirty drinking water, or other water/sewer emergencies contact the Water/Sewer Department during normal business hours at 978-630-8195.

After Hour Emergencies

To report water/sewer emergencies during evening, weekend, or holiday hours call 978-632-5600.

Service Problems

Should you experience any trouble with your water or sewer service, please contact the Water/Sewer Department first. If we determine that the trouble is the main in the street, we will be responsible for correcting the issue. If it is determined that the trouble is in the individual service, then you as the property owner, will be responsible for correcting the issue. This would require that you hire a Contractor at your cost. If you are charged by a Contractor for an unnecessary service call, the DPW will not be responsible for the charges. Therefore, we urge you to call the Water/Sewer Department first so that if a private contractor is not required, unnecessary costs to you can be avoided.

Utility Bills

Utility Bills can be appealed to the Assistant Director of Public Works. Please provide a written appeal and facts as to what may have caused high water usage and enclose any pictures or invoices you may have. The Assistant Directors decision can be appealed to the Public Service Committee. If you choose to appeal this decision, please call 978-630-8195 for an appointment with the Committee. You will be required to attend a regularly scheduled meeting of the Committee and asked to present your appeal to the Committee Members for their decision on your appeal.

Click here for Water & Sewer billing questions.

Water & Sewer Rates

  • The current Water Rate is: $6.50
  • The current Sewer Rate is: $5.00
Bills are mailed on a quarterly basis.
Click here for historical rates.

Sludge Landfill

For questions regarding the City’s Sludge Only Landfill or to report an odor complaint please contact Veolia at 978-630-8791 during normal business hours. 

When reporting a complaint please provide the exact location and time of the complaint so Veolia operators can respond appropriately.  

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