The mission of the Auditing Department is to perform audits of all invoices and payrolls submitted for payment by the City departments, produce timely and accurate financial reports and to enforce the City's budget.
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  • The Auditor is responsible for auditing every invoice for accuracy, propriety and availability of funds. This also means that the expenditures must be in compliance with City ordinances and with various State and Federal guidelines.
  • The City Auditor approves, processes and pays the City's obligations via warrants. The City Auditor must approve all warrants before the City's funds can be liquidated from the Treasury. After the Auditor signs the warrants, they are delivered to the City Treasurer's Office where wires are sent and checks are printed and mailed.
  • The Auditor does all the data entry relative to the City's expenditures, journal entries, cash receipts, disbursements and files and stores vendor invoices and accounting journals.

Handling Funds

The Auditor has the responsibility of ensuring that funds are available before the City enters into any contracts. These contracts cover a broad spectrum of activities including construction, reconstruction, alteration, remodeling, repair or demolition of any public building or public work. The Mayor is the only person duly authorized to enter into contracts on behalf of the City.

Financial Records & Reports

The Auditing Department maintains and analyzes the City's financial records and prepares the City's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and State required Schedule A report relative to the City's finances. The office coordinates the City's annual participation in the Federal "Single Audit" performed by an independent public accounting firm. The office prepares various reports in response to City Council requests and performs the Statutory requirements described in Chapter 41 of the Massachusetts General Laws.