Sludge Landfill Expansion

Do You Know Where It Goes?

Gardner residents, visitors, and business owners rely on wastewater treatment to protect human and environmental health. Check out the flowchart below to see what happens after you flush.  Click image for more info...


What Lies Beneath …

Leachate management is a critical environmental safeguard incorporated into the expansion of the West Street sludge landfill. The project design includes a double-composite groundwater protection system, consisting of five impermeable barrier layers, a primary leachate collection system, and a leak detection and secondary leachate collection system. Take a look at the layers of the groundwater protection system below.  Click image for more info... 


Long-term Monitoring

How can we be sure the barriers and safeguards work? The City has included regular inspections and contracted environmental monitoring in the landfill’s long-term operation and maintenance plan. Check out "What the Sludge?!" for more information about environmental considerations and safeguards baked into the landfill expansion project.