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Senior/Widow(er) Fiscal Year 2018 Application for Statutory Exemption


  1. 1. Step One
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  • Step One

    1. General Laws Chapter 59, Section 5

    2. See General Laws Chapter 59, Section 60

    3. This form must be filed with the assessors on or before December 15 or 3 months after actual (not preliminary) tax bills are mailed for fiscal year, if later.

    4. Address

    5. If Different

    6. Number of Dwelling Units

    7. Did you own the property on July 1?

    8. Was the property subject to a trust as of July 1?

    9. Have you been granted any exemption in any other city or town (MA or other) for this year?

    10. Are you a senior citizen?

      Defined as 70 years or older

    11. For first year applicants only

    12. Have you owned and occupied the property as your domicile for at least 11 years?

    13. Select One

    14. Select One