Attending Trucks

Mediterranean Home Cooking:

This locally owned & operated mom and pop food truck serves old fashion style Mediterranean cooking with home recipes. All meat is Halal, ground fresh, and cooked to order. Everything is made from scratch and they are decided to bringing you a home cooked meal from their kitchen on wheels!  

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The DogFather:

Owned and operated out of Worcester, Massachusetts, the DogFather specializes in gourmet hot dogs, many with a twist. Here you will find America's Classic Hot Dog with many different variations to keep things exciting!

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The Grill Daddy:

Gourmet Italian Sausages and delicious desert skewers. Check out this locally owned truck for some great cooking and a new twist on some outdoor favorites!

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Clyde's Cupcakes:

We bake our cupcakes and desserts every day throughout the day, using only the finest ingredients; spreading the richest butter cream frosting by hand; and decorating with flair found in many French patisseries. We want you to enjoy our cupcakes as if they were baked in your kitchen, but with none of the hard work.  We ship many of our most popular desserts nationwide.

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Big T's Jerky House

We are the back yard party experts. We can make your party very successful. Big T's Jerky House n BBQ uses only the best cuts of meats rubs and marinades.

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Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream 

Fresh & Extraordinary dairy: wholly cow-created milk & cream from our farmer friends who have promised not to treat their herds with bioengineered growth hormones. All natural flavorings, exceptional extracts & amazing purees.

Collossal chunks & exquisite nibbles, specially selected for their "oh, my!" excellence. Sensational swirls & wicked rich whorls thick enough to lose your spoon in. The passion we have for creating innovative flavors and concoctions of uncompromisingly high quality.

What makes Ben & Jerry's Ben & Jerry's is the people dedicated to making sure every scoop of Ben & Jerry's delivers a tastebud-boggling odyssey great enough to take you all the way to the state of euphoria. Every time.

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Sabor Latino: 

Get ready to bring all the flavors of Latin America to the Food Truck Festival with the amazing food from Sabor Latino. This truck features authentic Cuban Food, with a mix of dishes from other Latin American Countries. 

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Press'N It: 

This truck is sure to combat any cravings for paninis and sandwiches that you may have. These fresh off the grill sandwiches are sure to send your taste buds on a joy ride. 

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Uncle E's BBQ Express: 

 Bring the back yard to the curb with Uncle E's BBQ Express! This food is sure to make you think of those family cook outs but with even greater flavor and food. 

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Pangea Cuisine's Continental Drifter:

There’s food that is delicious, and then there’s healthy food — but why can they not be one in the same? That’s the ideological framework that Chef Andrea brings to Pangea Cuisines, HEALTHY can be TASTY too! Chef Andrea favorite pastime is experimenting with natural ingredients to make food that is both healthy, and doesn’t upset our tastebuds. Oh, do you have a particular allergy or dietary need? Well, if anyone can provide you the delectable meal you’re looking for, while meeting every standard you have, Chef Andrea is the chef for you. No matter if you are planning a family gathering, or simply need a meal ready to go, she is ready and up for the challenge. Pangea Cuisine, where Chef Andrea takes our Earth’s first existing flavors and creates contemporary, delicious and natural meals ready to go.  

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The Wacky Candy Shack: 

Welcome to the Wacky Candy Shack where we

are bringing back the fun and excitement of the penny candy store days with our own unique

and, well...wacky twist.

We are a "penny style" candy store on wheels carrying over 50 varieties of your favorite candies.

You can visit us at fairs, festivals and other events throughout New England.

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