1. Cemeteries

    Our goal at the Public Works Department is to maintain the over 39 acres of the 4 cemeteries throughout the City with care and provide safety for any visitors and want to ensure comfort to the loved ones of those resting on the City’s property.

  2. Forestry

    Pruning, planting and removal of Public shade trees.

  3. Highway

    Responsible for streets, sidewalks, sweeping, drainage, snow and ice, and lighting.

  4. Parks & Recreation

    Locate information and resources from the Gardner Parks and Recreation Department.

  5. Water / Sewer Department

    The City of Gardner owns the Water Department and Sewer Department, all the associated facilities, but has a subcontractor, Suez (formerly known as United Water), operate and maintain the water distributions system, sewer collection system and all the water and sewer facilities.