A - M

  1. Airport Commission

    The Airport Commission serves the Gardner Municipal Airport and meets to help the operation function.

  2. Bandstand Committee

    The mission of the committee is to give back to the community with the sound of music from all different eras of the last century.

  3. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors is required to assess all real and personal property within the confines of the City, at full, fair cash value.

  4. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is the approving authority for wells and septic systems in Gardner.

  5. Board of Registrars of Voters

    The Board of Registrars of Voters performs several functions to assist the voters of Gardner, including registering voters, making local listings of residents, and administering election recounts.

  6. CDBG Steering Committee

    This committee oversees the Community Development Block Grant program, which provides funding and technical support for projects that achieve the City's development objectives.

  7. Cemetery Commission

    The Cemetery Commission meets the 1st Tuesday of each month.

  8. Charter Review Committee

    Browse meeting agendas or contact the chairman for more information about this committee.

  9. City Council

    The Legislative powers of the city are vested in the City Council. Find out more about their meetings and the members.

  10. Conservation Commission

    The Conservation Commission is responsible for the administration of the Wetlands Protection Act as well as the City of Gardner's Wetlands Protection Ordinance.

  11. Council on Aging

    The Gardner Council on Aging's mission consists of three core responsibilities to assist the elderly of the city.

  12. Cultural Council

    The Gardner Cultural Council, one of many local cultural councils throughout Massachusetts, supports public programs that promote access, education, diversity, and excellence in the arts, humanities and interpretive sciences in Gardner.

  13. Disability Commission

    The mission of the City of Gardner Disability Commission (the “Commission”) is to promote social awareness as to the contributions and the potential of individuals with disabilities.

  14. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee is charged with evaluating and reporting to the Council on matters referred to it by the full Council or on their own initiative concerning municipal functions defined generally as administrative and financial.

  15. Golf Commission

    The Gardner Golf Commission oversees Gardner Municipal Golf Course.

  16. Gardner Redevelopment Authority

    The Gardner Redevelopment Authority (GRA) is an independent economic development agency for the City of Gardner.

  17. Historical Commission

    The Historical Commission was established for the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archaeological assets of the City of Gardner.

  18. License Commission

    The License Commission is responsible for issuing licenses in the municipality.

  19. IDFA

    The Gardner Industrial Development Financing Authority is the acting authority in the name and behalf of the City of Gardner acting as the City’s bonding authority as authorized by Section 8 (a) of Chapter 23G of the Massachusetts General Laws, as amended.