Water / Sewer Department

The City of Gardner owns the Water Department and Sewer Department, all the associated facilities, but has a subcontractor, Suez (formerly known as United Water), operate and maintain the water distributions system, sewer collection system and all the water and sewer facilities.


Mission Statement

"We provide innovative water and wastewater solutions that improve the quality of life in the communities we serve."
Water Treatment Plant


In the event of water breaks, sewer backups, and dirty water reporting, contact the emergency on-call contact at 978-204-7006.

Utility Bills

Utility Bills can be appealed to the Director of Public Works. Please provide written appeal and facts as to what may have caused high water usage and enclose any pictures or invoices you may have. The Directors decision can be appealed to the Public Service Committee. If you choose to appeal Directors decision, please call 978-632-7661 for appointment.

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Water & Sewer Rates

  • The current Water Rate is: $5.26
  • The current Sewer Rate is: $4.50
Bills are mailed on a quarterly basis.
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