Building Department

Our goal is to assist contractors and citizens alike in all matters associated with building and the Building Permit process. Call us any time with questions on Electrical, Plumbing, or Building matters.

**All permit applications must now be accompanied by the Mandatory Good Standing Certification.

Fill out an application for Mandatory Good Standing Certification online here. 
  1. Applications & Forms

    Services and permits require the completion and submission of the correct application or form.

  2. Building Permit Process

    Ready to get started with your building project? The steps and documents on this page will take you through the process.

  3. Engineering Department

    The Engineering Department furnishes engineering services and technical advice to the various departments of City government on matters relating to public and private construction projects and municipal infrastructure.

  4. Fees

    Access the lists of fees for various services provided by this department.

  5. Owner Responsibilities

    If you are applying for a building permit as a homeowner, make sure you understand the responsibilities that come with this title.

  6. Vacant & Abandoned Buildings

    The city has specific ordinances regarding vacant and abandoned buildings, as well as fees and a registration process that go along with owning or purchasing them.

  7. Zoning & Building Ordinance

    Read the full ordinance for zoning and building in the City of Gardner.

  8. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board plays an important role in the function of the city with regards to building and zoning ordinances.

  9. Yard Sale Permit

    Yard Sale Permits are available for up to four days per calendar year. By applying for the permit the applicant confirms that this request will not exceed the annual limit.